Monday, May 11, 2009

Almost a Breakthrough

Very busy weekend - Friday night was Karate. Dr. Z and I spent most of the time helping out one of the yellow belts who showed up, so I didn't get in as much work as I hoped. Oh well.

Saturday's long run went AWESOMELY well. I had bumped it up to seven miles in light of how easy last week's six-miler was. As always, my target was a 9:00 pace. I ended up blowing that away by finishing in 1:01:21 for a 8:46 pace with plenty of gas left. (I actually practiced my kick and sprinted the last ten or so meters because I had so much left over.) I'm definitely upping it to eight miles this week.

I also went to Blue Line and stocked up on shoes. Dr. Z had to go anyway AND my current trainers are almost up for replacement. I mentioned to Sally (my shoe guru - GO SEE HER and tell her I sent ya) that I had never gotten my money back on the Sauconys I had to return because they WORE OUT after LESS THAN TWO HUNDRED MILES. She checked and guess what? They had lost the paperwork. In return, she GAVE me my new trainers for FREE. YES. As a thank you, I checked out their huge shoe sale and picked up some trail runners for THIRTY BUCKS. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I picked up trainers and trail runners for a total of thirty bucks. I am that good.

Sunday ended up being a rest day since Dr. Z still couldn't paddle. It was really crappy weather anyway - 30's, rainy and windy. In freakin' MAY. Blech.

Today's tempo run went exceptionally well also. I didn't quite break 8:00 yet, but came DAMN close with a three-mile time of 24:03. A little more practice and a little less wind and I should be back under an 8:00 pace for the 3-4 mile distance. YAY!

Tonight is Karate (God knows what we're doing with Sensei back and fresh from Florida) and tomorrow will be my core work and a long paddle in preparation for the Round the Mountain on Saturday.

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