Friday, April 24, 2009

Running and Paddling

The new boat is working out great. Dr. Z and I managed to get out for a lap around Mirror Lake on Tuesday, blasting our old PR. Unfortunately yesterday was 36 and windy, so we settled for doing some upper body weight work instead.

I'm trying to get back into running after a week off. I started Wednesday with an easy three miles. I did an 8:41 pace and it felt great. Unfortunately yesterday's tempo run didn't go nearly as well - the aforementioned 36 and windy weather really affected me. I hit the 1.5 mile marker in a planned 12:10, but turned around into the wind and slowed down so much it took me 13:32 to get back, ending up almost the same pace as the day before with a hell of a lot more effort. Oh well, better luck next time. Yesterday was also Lake Placid Sports Medicine's annual running clinic. I found out that despite the fact that I supinate while standing and walking, I actually OVERPRONATE when I run. Astounding. Everyone was gathering to look at the film of me running. My extremely bowlegged lower legs make for an interesting running form, to say the least. I also found out from two stations that I need to incorporate core work into my training two or three times a week. I didn't think I'd get any new information since I had gone last year, but I'm thinking I should go every season because they always find something for me to work on.

Karate on Wednesday was all teaching unfortunately, but whatcha going to do? I at least had some good students to teach in the adult class. (Unfortunately I can't say the same about the children I ended up teaching first, but I managed to at least keep them busy for the duration of class.)

Today will be an easy three miles again, followed by Karate tonight.

Tomorrow - paddling the Round the Mountain route!

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