Monday, April 13, 2009

Paddle-Free Weekend :-(

Saturday I went for my long run as planned, even giving up a hike with JewishMom, Dr. Z and a few others. I ran six miles in 53:52, making me very happy as I haven't run that far since last fall. It felt pretty damn good too.

Sunday Dr. Z and I were SUPPOSED to take our new canoe out on the water and get six miles in, but the weather decided otherwise. Despite it being APRIL, it was in the TWENTIES with wind gusts up to 30 MPH. It was simply to unsafe to go out. Unfortunately that means only a couple casual paddles before the first race of the year on Sunday. What the hell.

Today I did an easy four miles in 25:43. Well, it would have been easy if the wind hadn't been blowing for the THIRD RUN IN A ROW. ARGH! Headwind the entire way back and not a light one either. Man. I just keep telling myself that all this wind training is making my legs stronger.

Tonight I should FINALLY be able to attend a Karate class. I'm looking forward to it!

Tomorrow is a tempo run and a light paddle.

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