Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Paddling After All

The beautiful 80 degree sunny day we were having turned into a vicious 50 degree pouring rain, so when I got to the boat launch in Saranac Lake, Dr. Z had already decided that seven miles in that kind of weather was NOT a good idea, especially since I'm still recovering from being sick. He's out of town from Thursday until Sunday, but hopefully we'll be able to do that route next Tuesday. We're also missing the Canton Canoe Weekend because of his trip. Between weather, trips and illness, we're certainly getting off to a slow start for a year when we're supposedly focusing on paddling. Oh well.

Today is a much-needed day off. It's nice and sunny out (although much cooler), so I'll probably play in the gardens a bit. Other than that, it's Karate (likely a kata class) tonight.

Tomorrow, another three mile tempo run, hopefully more successful than yesterday's, and some upper body weight work in lieu of paddling.

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