Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Tempo Run

Last night's Karate class was pretty good, although I had to really drag myself to go. Sensei SixPack, Dr. Z. and I were the only blackbelts there so we rotated through teaching different groups of adults and kids with their kata. After the kids left, we worked competition presentation. We went in order of rank, which meant I had to do chinto after Dr. Z. killed on his. Oh well. He's practically a sensei and I just barely got my black belt. After we all went through and presented our kata, we moved on to stick defense, which was fun.

Today's tempo run went much better than last week and Tuesday. The weather was cool, dry and sunny and the wind had FINALLY died the hell down for once. I managed three miles in 25:58. Still not a great time, but a definite improvement. I'm going to try for an 8:10 pace next Tuesday.

Tonight will be some weight work for paddling plus core work for both paddling and running.

Tomorrow is an easy three miles. Dr. Z wanted me to run Friday night Karate class, but I think I want a chaperone the first time I run class, so I'm holding off until he gets back and will do it next Friday.

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