Friday, April 10, 2009

Freihofer's Prep

After having to take a two-day trip to Boston, I'm back into getting ready for Freihofer's next month. VeggieSis and I are officially entered as a Sister/Sister team.

Yesterday I did my new favorite workout - speedwork. I did 1 mile easy (9:00), then six intervals of .25 miles at 6:40 and .25 mile recoveries at 12:00, finishing off with another mile easy for a total of five miles. It felt GREAT! I had to do it on the treadmill (hence the mile measurements instead of meters), but it was too cold and windy to do trackwork. On a positive note, I need to do some hard workouts in warm temperatures anyway - it's going to be hot in Albany, especially with the later gun time, and that is a real weakness for me as a runner.

Today will be an easy four miles outside, followed by Karate tonight. (Which I've missed a ton of since getting my black belt between vacation, illness, work and the Boston trip. Sigh.)

Tomorrow I'm skipping out on hiking with JewishMom and Dr. Z in order to do my long run. Once Freihofer's is over and I'm prepping for the Mountaineer's Trail Run, the hikes will fit into my training nicely. (The Friehofer's course is flat as the top of a table compared to even my "flat" route here in the Adirondacks, so I'm not even doing hillwork right now and focusing more on speed.)

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