Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to Monday

Friday night's Karate class went fairly well. Dr. Z and I managed to work on some black belt katas. Only one other student, a yellow belt, showed up, so Dr. Z alternated between grilling him and working with me.

Saturday we had PLANNED on using the 80-degree weather to do the Round the Mountain course. Unfortunately, the fierce wind had other ideas. After 3 miles in a dangerously strong wind, we took a break, then said screw this and turned right back around. Although we ended up drastically shortening our paddle, it was so tough that it was still a good workout. I'm still not happy though - I'm feeling very underprepared for the actual race. It's almost 11 miles and the most we've done is six. Unfortunately Dr. Z is going to be out of town Thursday-Sunday so we won't get another weekend to try again.

Yesterday was supposed to by my long run, but after running around Plattsburgh all day, I just didn't have the energy. (It being cold and overcast didn't help.) My bad. Freihofer's is practically around the corner so I have to stop goofing around.

Today will be 5K easy with my new toy I bought yesterday - an IPOD! Yes, after three years I finally replaced the one that broke in the move to NY. And no worries - I'm running a route that's all sidewalks and has lots of people on it, so it's relatively safe to listen to some tunage.

Tonight will be Karate - sparring if I have to guess.

Tomorrow - paddling and a 3 mile tempo run.

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