Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Tempo Run

Last night's Karate class was pretty good, although I had to really drag myself to go. Sensei SixPack, Dr. Z. and I were the only blackbelts there so we rotated through teaching different groups of adults and kids with their kata. After the kids left, we worked competition presentation. We went in order of rank, which meant I had to do chinto after Dr. Z. killed on his. Oh well. He's practically a sensei and I just barely got my black belt. After we all went through and presented our kata, we moved on to stick defense, which was fun.

Today's tempo run went much better than last week and Tuesday. The weather was cool, dry and sunny and the wind had FINALLY died the hell down for once. I managed three miles in 25:58. Still not a great time, but a definite improvement. I'm going to try for an 8:10 pace next Tuesday.

Tonight will be some weight work for paddling plus core work for both paddling and running.

Tomorrow is an easy three miles. Dr. Z wanted me to run Friday night Karate class, but I think I want a chaperone the first time I run class, so I'm holding off until he gets back and will do it next Friday.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Paddling After All

The beautiful 80 degree sunny day we were having turned into a vicious 50 degree pouring rain, so when I got to the boat launch in Saranac Lake, Dr. Z had already decided that seven miles in that kind of weather was NOT a good idea, especially since I'm still recovering from being sick. He's out of town from Thursday until Sunday, but hopefully we'll be able to do that route next Tuesday. We're also missing the Canton Canoe Weekend because of his trip. Between weather, trips and illness, we're certainly getting off to a slow start for a year when we're supposedly focusing on paddling. Oh well.

Today is a much-needed day off. It's nice and sunny out (although much cooler), so I'll probably play in the gardens a bit. Other than that, it's Karate (likely a kata class) tonight.

Tomorrow, another three mile tempo run, hopefully more successful than yesterday's, and some upper body weight work in lieu of paddling.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Behind Schedule

Last night's Karate class was non-stop sparring. Between having run earlier AND it being in the eighties - tough. Took a nasty hook from Dr. Z that had me seeing stars. Boy am I out of practice!

The frustration continued this morning when I went for a three mile tempo run and it took an incredible 26:05. Did I have, like, concrete in my shoes or something? I decided to cheer myself up by looking at what I was doing last year at this time and was greeted by FOUR mile tempo runs in 32:30 or so. FUCK. Excuse my language, but rather than being ahead of last year, I'm majorly behind.

I know everything will work out and I've been in running slumps before, but God DAMN.

On a positive note, paddling the last seven miles of the Round the Mountain race tonight. At least I'll feel a bit more prepared for it this way.

Tomorrow - Pretty much a day off except for what will no doubt be a low-key Karate class (since we had sparring yesterday). I may run an easy two miles as punishment for my slow performance today. Haven't decided yet.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to Monday

Friday night's Karate class went fairly well. Dr. Z and I managed to work on some black belt katas. Only one other student, a yellow belt, showed up, so Dr. Z alternated between grilling him and working with me.

Saturday we had PLANNED on using the 80-degree weather to do the Round the Mountain course. Unfortunately, the fierce wind had other ideas. After 3 miles in a dangerously strong wind, we took a break, then said screw this and turned right back around. Although we ended up drastically shortening our paddle, it was so tough that it was still a good workout. I'm still not happy though - I'm feeling very underprepared for the actual race. It's almost 11 miles and the most we've done is six. Unfortunately Dr. Z is going to be out of town Thursday-Sunday so we won't get another weekend to try again.

Yesterday was supposed to by my long run, but after running around Plattsburgh all day, I just didn't have the energy. (It being cold and overcast didn't help.) My bad. Freihofer's is practically around the corner so I have to stop goofing around.

Today will be 5K easy with my new toy I bought yesterday - an IPOD! Yes, after three years I finally replaced the one that broke in the move to NY. And no worries - I'm running a route that's all sidewalks and has lots of people on it, so it's relatively safe to listen to some tunage.

Tonight will be Karate - sparring if I have to guess.

Tomorrow - paddling and a 3 mile tempo run.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Running and Paddling

The new boat is working out great. Dr. Z and I managed to get out for a lap around Mirror Lake on Tuesday, blasting our old PR. Unfortunately yesterday was 36 and windy, so we settled for doing some upper body weight work instead.

I'm trying to get back into running after a week off. I started Wednesday with an easy three miles. I did an 8:41 pace and it felt great. Unfortunately yesterday's tempo run didn't go nearly as well - the aforementioned 36 and windy weather really affected me. I hit the 1.5 mile marker in a planned 12:10, but turned around into the wind and slowed down so much it took me 13:32 to get back, ending up almost the same pace as the day before with a hell of a lot more effort. Oh well, better luck next time. Yesterday was also Lake Placid Sports Medicine's annual running clinic. I found out that despite the fact that I supinate while standing and walking, I actually OVERPRONATE when I run. Astounding. Everyone was gathering to look at the film of me running. My extremely bowlegged lower legs make for an interesting running form, to say the least. I also found out from two stations that I need to incorporate core work into my training two or three times a week. I didn't think I'd get any new information since I had gone last year, but I'm thinking I should go every season because they always find something for me to work on.

Karate on Wednesday was all teaching unfortunately, but whatcha going to do? I at least had some good students to teach in the adult class. (Unfortunately I can't say the same about the children I ended up teaching first, but I managed to at least keep them busy for the duration of class.)

Today will be an easy three miles again, followed by Karate tonight.

Tomorrow - paddling the Round the Mountain route!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back in Karate

Karate class last night was cool. We did sparring, but not "normal" sparring. We started with sparring in the normal ring, but then narrowed the space to only four gym squares, and then to only one, which is so small two people can barely FIT, forget FIGHT. Dr. Z also did a couple "2 on 1" rounds, taking on two kyu belts at a time. Lots of fun!

After that, we worked knife defense for a while, also cool. It just felt great to finally make it into class!

Stomach was iffy this morning, so instead of a run, I walked my 5K course. Mainly I need to build muscle strength after months of running on a treadmill anyway. Mirror Lake is completely open, so Dr. Z and I will FINALLY be taking our new boat out for a spin tonight! YAY!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Paddle-Free Weekend :-(

Saturday I went for my long run as planned, even giving up a hike with JewishMom, Dr. Z and a few others. I ran six miles in 53:52, making me very happy as I haven't run that far since last fall. It felt pretty damn good too.

Sunday Dr. Z and I were SUPPOSED to take our new canoe out on the water and get six miles in, but the weather decided otherwise. Despite it being APRIL, it was in the TWENTIES with wind gusts up to 30 MPH. It was simply to unsafe to go out. Unfortunately that means only a couple casual paddles before the first race of the year on Sunday. What the hell.

Today I did an easy four miles in 25:43. Well, it would have been easy if the wind hadn't been blowing for the THIRD RUN IN A ROW. ARGH! Headwind the entire way back and not a light one either. Man. I just keep telling myself that all this wind training is making my legs stronger.

Tonight I should FINALLY be able to attend a Karate class. I'm looking forward to it!

Tomorrow is a tempo run and a light paddle.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Freihofer's Prep

After having to take a two-day trip to Boston, I'm back into getting ready for Freihofer's next month. VeggieSis and I are officially entered as a Sister/Sister team.

Yesterday I did my new favorite workout - speedwork. I did 1 mile easy (9:00), then six intervals of .25 miles at 6:40 and .25 mile recoveries at 12:00, finishing off with another mile easy for a total of five miles. It felt GREAT! I had to do it on the treadmill (hence the mile measurements instead of meters), but it was too cold and windy to do trackwork. On a positive note, I need to do some hard workouts in warm temperatures anyway - it's going to be hot in Albany, especially with the later gun time, and that is a real weakness for me as a runner.

Today will be an easy four miles outside, followed by Karate tonight. (Which I've missed a ton of since getting my black belt between vacation, illness, work and the Boston trip. Sigh.)

Tomorrow I'm skipping out on hiking with JewishMom and Dr. Z in order to do my long run. Once Freihofer's is over and I'm prepping for the Mountaineer's Trail Run, the hikes will fit into my training nicely. (The Friehofer's course is flat as the top of a table compared to even my "flat" route here in the Adirondacks, so I'm not even doing hillwork right now and focusing more on speed.)