Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back from Vacation

Arkansas was great! (A sentence I never thought I'd utter...hahahahaha.) It was 80 and sunny every damn day except the very last one, which was a more seasonal 50 and overcast. We covered about 80 miles, from pruitt down to the Highway 14 bridge. I had never camped in warm weather before and boy have I been spoiled!

Since I got back I've been kicking up the running in preparation for Freihofers. BabySis had to back out, so I registered VeggieSis and I as a sister/sister team. We shall rock the other sister teams like a hurricane! I'm doing the old 5K route around the lake in 25:08. I'm planning on getting it under 25 minutes this week.

Karate has been awesome - I was PROMOTED TO BLACK BELT! Yay! I had a "I'm not ready for black belt" freakout moment, but otherwise it rocks.

Paddling is just starting - Dr. Z and I went on Lake Flower for an hour on Saturday. We also stopped by Mac's, who does still have a stock boat reserved for us. It's going to cost $2300 - OUCH! Dr. Z may be able to sell the old boat today - that would go a long way towards paying for the new Jensen.

I'm supposed to go for a 5K tempo run today, but am not feeling well. As it was, I missed Karate last night. We'll see - I'm just playing it by ear for now.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Note

I know I've been bad about updating, but it's kind of between seasons right now.

Anyway, I am leaving for vacation - paddling the Buffalo again! - and will be back on Monday the 23rd with pics and updates.

Then starts hardcore running and paddling! YAY!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Over a Week Passed AGAIN!?!?

Man, I am just not keeping up with my blog here.

Saturday I attempted to do a long run, but had to stop at four miles. Blech. My legs were just tired for some reason.

Sunday I was off to VeggieSis's wedding (YAY!), so no exercise that day.

Monday was a recovery day from all the traveling, so all I did was Karate class, which was a low-key kata class. I got to work on a new kata (Sayunchin), which was cool.

Tuesday was a light run, followed by upper body weights except for shoulders.

Tuesday night I didn't sleep well, so I took the day off from the gym and it turns out is was a good thing. Karate was sparring, and Sensei had me sparring one of the other brown belts for something like 15 minutes straight. Damn.

Yesterday was my tempo run, which I did indoors. I managed an 8:13 pace even with a 1% incline, so my speed is coming back slowly but surely. I also did legs and shoulders in the weight room.

Today I did a light run outdoors - 3 miles in 26:53. Faster than I meant to go (I wanted to do a 9:15 pace), but it felt good, so what the hell.

Tonight will be Karate. No plans for the weekend yet, although I do need to get a long run in at some point.