Thursday, February 26, 2009

Outside Again!

Last night's Karate class was pretty quiet - almost all of the black belts showed up and there were very few colored belts, which made for an interesting class. We mostly worked on Sayunchin, which I had never learned. (It's one of the black belt kata.) Sensei was finally back, which meant that we worked on self-defense, of course. I messed up a breakfall and took a nasty fall onto my back, nearly knocking the wind out of myself. Very graceful.

It's warmed up to the upper thirties today, so I went for an outdoor tempo run. Finally broke 25:00 on my flat three-mile course. I did it in 24:57, for an 8:19 pace. Not bad considering I was aiming for 8:20 today. I would have done even better but my legs were tired from yesterday's bike and weights workout. I'm hoping for an 8:15 pace next week.

I haven't decided what to do tomorrow. I'll probably do a recovery run and maybe some weights. We'll see. And of course there's also Karate.

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