Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Karate and Gym

Karate last night was pretty good. Dr. Z and I helped out with the kids' class beforehand - I was the model for stances and blocks while Dr. Z went around and corrected everyone. Doing good stances for half an hour is TIRING! My legs were shaking by the end.

In class, we started off with bo. Sensei actually pulled me out from doing warmup so he could teach me sakagawa bo (the second bo kata) along with the blackbelts. Cool! In the actual class we did some bag work, followed by bunkai from Nahanchi Shodan.

Today I decided to run at the gym although it's not too cold because I've already done two outdoor runs in a row and want to ease back into it. It was crazy busy there because a bunch of luge teams had just come in. Luckily they only do cardio to warm up, so I didn't have to wait long for a treadmill. I did three miles in 26 minutes. It felt weirdly easy, and I suspect it was the treadmill I was using. It was one of the older ones and not one I usually use. No way an 8:40 pace should have felt that easy. We'll see on Thursday when I (hopefully) can get back on my regular treadmill.

Tomorrow is a day off from the gym and running since I have the fun run on Saturday, so it'll be Karate only.

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