Monday, February 02, 2009

Finally Somewhat Warm

The arctic sub-zero temperatures have finally let up, at least for a little while. Although a nasty wind turned Dr. Z and I around from skiing after about a mile on Saturday, we skied almost four miles on Sunday and only turned around because we didn't want to overdo it, especially with me having the Fun Run on Saturday.

Today was warm again, 30 degrees, and it was a pleasure to run outside. Or, it WOULD have been a pleasure if I were in shape. I ran four miles for the first time since October and it was TOUGH. Took me 35:58 with lots of walk breaks, but I wanted to get a feel for four miles before Saturday.

The rest of the week will be easy. Tomorrow will be three miles on the treadmill, followed by Wednesday off, three miles on Thursday and a two mile jog on Friday. Yay!

Tonight is Karate as well. After today's run I think I'll cry if we have sparring. LOL!

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