Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Cold!

Brrr...after a nice warm day on Friday allowing me to run outdoors, the temperature just PLUMMETED. Not that it was a surprise, but it still curtailed any outdoor plans.

Saturday, skiing was just out of the question, with windchills well below zero and non-windchill temperatures barely reaching 2 or 3 degrees. Dr. Z and I thought we might be able to ski on Sunday, with temperatures forecasted to reach the tens, but we barely got our skis off the truck before the vicious wind drove us back indoors.

We ended up settling for the gym. I bumped the treadmill up to 6.6 for the entire time. It was a real tough run, but the Ray Brook treadmills are definitely faster than the ones at LP Health and Fitness.

Today was gym as well. I ran the first 15 minutes at 6.6 and the second at 6.7, making for 3.16 miles covered. It felt easier than yesterday because of the difference in treadmills, but was still fairly challenging. I also worked my entire upper body (except shoulders) in the weight room.

Tonight I'm helping to cover for Sensei at the kid's class. Not sure if I'm going to stay for the adult class, but we'll see how much energy I have. (Especially since with Sensei Sixpack in charge we'll most likely spar.)

Tomorrow will be treadmill (hopefully at 6.7 for the entire time, at which point I'll finally be back to where I was before I got sick) and legwork.

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