Monday, January 12, 2009

Slowly but Surely Improving

Friday night Dr. Z and I did a marathon kata review - hit all of the non-black belt katas. Dr. Z then went on to work bo, but by then I was tired and needed to sit down.

Saturday we went hiking with JewishMom. We got about 45 minutes in and I had to turn around, mainly because the 5-degree air was making me cough too much. It's frustrating, but I just have to keep telling myself I'm doing better than before.

Sunday I didn't do a damn thing except watch football. (THREE wildcard teams winning? The HELL?) I also watched "PreFontaine," which of course left me a blubbery mess at the end. I mean, the hearse going around the track to the pace of PreFontaine's PR while R. Lee Hermey intones, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Steve PreFontaine's bell lap" and the crowd cheers "Pre! Pre! Pre!"? Excuse me while I run up Kleenex's stock price.

Today I went to the gym - managed half an hour of an 11 minute pace and only a little coughing at the end. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to do a 10:30 pace.

Tonight is my first real Karate class in weeks, so that should be interesting.


TourPro said...

Oh yeah, I love that movie. It's not that the movie itself is that good, but the story of the man.

PipTook said...

Yep, it's a real shame. I think everyone wonders what he could have accomplished if he hadn't died so young.