Friday, January 09, 2009

Jogging Again

Hey All!

I went to the gym again today. This time I was able to actually jog 12 minute miles for half an hour. I did pay for it after with a huge coughing fit, but otherwise it felt great. I'm slowly but surely coming back. I'm just glad it's in the middle of the off-season so I have plenty of time to let my lungs heal.

Tomorrow will be a light, easy hike with Dr. Z and JewishMom. I'm a little nervous because it's supposed to be super-cold tomorrow morning (low of -10 overnight tonight), which is what really aggravates my lungs right now. I'm not going to be stubborn though - if my chest starts hurting, I'm turning around.

Anyway, tonight is Karate for the first time in weeks. I really need to review my kata because it's been so long.

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