Friday, January 16, 2009

Gym Part Infinity

Hey all!

Wednesday night at Karate I spent about half the class teaching a white belt. He's a young kid who usually has trouble paying attention, but he managed to keep what for him was pretty good focus. I think what helped was my changing things up very frequently. He's not exactly the type of student you can spend half an hour breaking down one kata with. The other part of class was spent going over bunkai to gojushio. IronKid was promoted to 2nd Dan, so good for her. Yay!

Yesterday was back to the gym. I ran again - I'm starting to up my mileage in preparation for the racing season. I started off at a 10:00 mile and by the end was down to a 9:40 mile. I even managed an 8:00 sprint for the last minute.

Today was more of the same. This time I started right off with a 9:40 mile. After 15 minutes took it down to a 9:30 mile and finished up with 90 seconds at an 8:00 sprint. Very little coughing, so it looks like my lungs are pretty well healed.

Tomorrow will probably be a rest day. I'm hoping to either cross-country ski or hike on Sunday when it warms up.

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