Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't Laugh at Me!

Last night's Karate class was a melange of different things. It started off with us brown belts running the colored belts through kicking drills while the black belts got to work on bo. (I was NOT happy about missing out on that.) Then we sparred VERY briefly. By briefly I mean most people only got one match. Definitely better than nothing though. After that it was self-defense time.

Before class, IronKid and I were chatting about training. She kind of gave me a "poor wussy newbie" look when I told her that I don't run outside when it's colder than 25 degrees out. She's not the first one either. There ARE also other reasons I run indoors when it's cold: icy roads and giving my shinsplints a break. Am I really that much of a wimp? (Vote below using the usual voting options of Lazy Bum, Not Bad and Kickass.)

Today was gym, and yes, running on the wimpy treadmill. I upped the speed even more today and it still felt good. I ran at 6.4 for 15 minutes, then raised it to 6.5 for another 12:30. The last 2:30 I sprinted at 7.5.

I did legwork downstairs. Calf raises, quad extensions, and crunches on the exercise ball. I've really lost a lot of my strength. Remind me to never get sick again!

Anyway, I'm pretty much all healed from the bronchitis. Now it's just a matter of getting back the cardio and strength I lost from not being able to workout.

Tomorrow is bike, back and biceps strength training, and Karate.

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