Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cross-Training Day

Got on the bike today. It went pretty well - I'm still not great at it compared to running, but I'm getting more comfortable in the saddle. I went 6 miles in 25:56 or so. (Hey, the route I used was a hill - up to 11% grade.) It was a great way to work out some stress.

Downstairs in the weight room I did back, biceps and abs. Decided to not do my entire upper body since the weekend is forecast to be super cold again and I'll probably be stuck with an extra day at the gym as opposed to snowshoeing or skiing.

Tonight is Karate. I'm guessing kata since we sparred on Monday. SoccerStar is getting promoted to black belt tonight (Sensei sent a heads-up e-mail last night) so congrats to him!

Tomorrow, more running and legwork. Hoping to actually run outdoors on Friday. It's supposed to be in the upper 20s!

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