Friday, January 30, 2009

Breaking 15!

Happy Friday Everyone!

It was finally warm enough to run outside today. I wore my neck warmer this time and was able to do more because everytime my lungs would start aching from the cold I'd take a few breaths through it and the lungs would feel better.

Because next Saturday's Fun Run is four miles, I upped my distance to 3.5 miles today, which I completed in 30:53 for a pace of 8:50. I'm really happy because at least Sunday-Tuesday should be warm enough to run outside. I plan to take Wednesday off, do an easy three miles on Thursday, a two mile jog on Friday and then go for it on Saturday. Even though it's just for fun, I still want to do the best I can, of course!

When I did my log today, I realized that I had logged over 15 miles in a week (16.2, to be exact) for the first time since last October. YAY! It's funny because my appetite's really picked up over the past couple days and I was wondering why. Now I know!

Tonight is Karate with Dr. Z and tomorrow should be skiing as long as the weather holds.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Forgetful Me

I ended up taking yesterday off due to the storm that came through and dumped a foot of snow on us. Should make for GREAT skiing this weekend! Yay!

Went to the gym today - It was tempting to run outdoors, but I'm already planning on running outdoors tomorrow AND Sunday and I need to ease into it after weeks on the treadmill. When I got there I realized I had forgotten my SHOES. When I was mainly there to RUN. Wow. Luckily, I had happened to wear my old, broken-down trainers there, so I just cleaned them up and dried them out real well (You're not supposed to wear street shoes on the machines) so they wouldn't get the treadmill all wet with snow.

Once I was actually ON the treadmill, I did pretty well. I managed a 6.8 pace the entire time and that was with adding a minute to the length. I'm actually going to have to increase that even more because...

FUN RUN IN SARANAC LAKE ON THE SEVENTH!!!! Woohoo! I am SO starved for a race it's not even funny. It's four miles, which is why I have to up my distance. My only regret is having only a week and a half to prepare for it, especially when I'm just barely starting to get back into gear.

Tomorrow is supposed to be near 30 degrees, so I'm looking forward to getting out there and going for a real run. Still haven't decided whether to do three miles or four.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back Where I Was

Well, it took a while, but as of today I'm actually slightly AHEAD of where I was before I got sick. Took a little longer than it used to, but such is reaching ones thirties.

I kicked the speed up to 6.7 for the first fifteen minutes, which is what I had been doing the entire half-hour before the bronchitis, and then kicked it up to 6.8. I finished off with two minutes at 7.0 for a total of 3.21 miles in 30 minutes.

After the treadmill, I went downstairs and hit the legs. 2x15 calf lifts at 100 lbs, 2x15 quad extensions at 30 lbs, and 2x15 hamstring curls at 30 lbs. My right shin started talking to me, so I found a resistance band and was able to work my tibialis muscles. That should help. I finished off with 30 crunches on the exercise ball.

I'm looking forward to the bike tomorrow, just to shake it up a bit. I'll also be doing upper body work. Can't wait for Friday when it's supposed to be warm enough to run outside!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Cold!

Brrr...after a nice warm day on Friday allowing me to run outdoors, the temperature just PLUMMETED. Not that it was a surprise, but it still curtailed any outdoor plans.

Saturday, skiing was just out of the question, with windchills well below zero and non-windchill temperatures barely reaching 2 or 3 degrees. Dr. Z and I thought we might be able to ski on Sunday, with temperatures forecasted to reach the tens, but we barely got our skis off the truck before the vicious wind drove us back indoors.

We ended up settling for the gym. I bumped the treadmill up to 6.6 for the entire time. It was a real tough run, but the Ray Brook treadmills are definitely faster than the ones at LP Health and Fitness.

Today was gym as well. I ran the first 15 minutes at 6.6 and the second at 6.7, making for 3.16 miles covered. It felt easier than yesterday because of the difference in treadmills, but was still fairly challenging. I also worked my entire upper body (except shoulders) in the weight room.

Tonight I'm helping to cover for Sensei at the kid's class. Not sure if I'm going to stay for the adult class, but we'll see how much energy I have. (Especially since with Sensei Sixpack in charge we'll most likely spar.)

Tomorrow will be treadmill (hopefully at 6.7 for the entire time, at which point I'll finally be back to where I was before I got sick) and legwork.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Outdoor Run

Yesterday ended up being this week's day off since my meeting schedule at work didn't allow for an escape to the gym.

Today it was finally warm enough to run outside for the first time in weeks. The roads were slushy, which isn't dangerous like icy roads are, but did make for some loss of traction and added effort.

I was not happy with my time, 27:37, considering it was a tempo run. I've really lost a lot of my cardio. Oh well - it will come back. In any case, it felt good to do a non-treadmill run.

Tonight will be yet more Karate with Dr. Z, followed by the gym tomorrow. (A high of 4 means it'll be way too cold to run outside again.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cross-Training Day

Got on the bike today. It went pretty well - I'm still not great at it compared to running, but I'm getting more comfortable in the saddle. I went 6 miles in 25:56 or so. (Hey, the route I used was a hill - up to 11% grade.) It was a great way to work out some stress.

Downstairs in the weight room I did back, biceps and abs. Decided to not do my entire upper body since the weekend is forecast to be super cold again and I'll probably be stuck with an extra day at the gym as opposed to snowshoeing or skiing.

Tonight is Karate. I'm guessing kata since we sparred on Monday. SoccerStar is getting promoted to black belt tonight (Sensei sent a heads-up e-mail last night) so congrats to him!

Tomorrow, more running and legwork. Hoping to actually run outdoors on Friday. It's supposed to be in the upper 20s!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't Laugh at Me!

Last night's Karate class was a melange of different things. It started off with us brown belts running the colored belts through kicking drills while the black belts got to work on bo. (I was NOT happy about missing out on that.) Then we sparred VERY briefly. By briefly I mean most people only got one match. Definitely better than nothing though. After that it was self-defense time.

Before class, IronKid and I were chatting about training. She kind of gave me a "poor wussy newbie" look when I told her that I don't run outside when it's colder than 25 degrees out. She's not the first one either. There ARE also other reasons I run indoors when it's cold: icy roads and giving my shinsplints a break. Am I really that much of a wimp? (Vote below using the usual voting options of Lazy Bum, Not Bad and Kickass.)

Today was gym, and yes, running on the wimpy treadmill. I upped the speed even more today and it still felt good. I ran at 6.4 for 15 minutes, then raised it to 6.5 for another 12:30. The last 2:30 I sprinted at 7.5.

I did legwork downstairs. Calf raises, quad extensions, and crunches on the exercise ball. I've really lost a lot of my strength. Remind me to never get sick again!

Anyway, I'm pretty much all healed from the bronchitis. Now it's just a matter of getting back the cardio and strength I lost from not being able to workout.

Tomorrow is bike, back and biceps strength training, and Karate.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Run, Run, Run

Friday night was pretty fun at Karate. Dr. Z and I worked Bo a lot after doing a quick kata and sai review. We worked the general "high, medium, low" drill until it felt comfortable again.

As planned, I took Saturday off, which was really needed at that point.

Yesterday the supercold air FINALLY left Lake Placid, so Dr. Z and I went cross-country skiing at the Lake Placid golf course. The weather was perfect - 20 degrees. We went for about an hour before heading out to catch the playoffs. (Speaking of which, the big bad Cardinals defensive lineman with tears running down his cheeks while being interviewed right after their win? Awesome.)

Today was treadmill day at the gym. I started off at a 9:30 pace but upped it to 9:22 after only ten minutes or so. I sprinted the last two minutes at an 8:00 pace. No coughing at all this time. Yay! I'm finally back to the point where I'm being challenged a little, so tomorrow I'm going to go for doing the entire run at9:22 and try 2:30 at an 8:00 pace at the end. I also added a little weight work back in, doing chest presses and tricep extensions.

So, tonight is Karate and I have no idea what we're doing. It's been weeks since we've sparred, so I'll be crossing my fingers for that. And finally being promoted to black belt.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Gym Part Infinity

Hey all!

Wednesday night at Karate I spent about half the class teaching a white belt. He's a young kid who usually has trouble paying attention, but he managed to keep what for him was pretty good focus. I think what helped was my changing things up very frequently. He's not exactly the type of student you can spend half an hour breaking down one kata with. The other part of class was spent going over bunkai to gojushio. IronKid was promoted to 2nd Dan, so good for her. Yay!

Yesterday was back to the gym. I ran again - I'm starting to up my mileage in preparation for the racing season. I started off at a 10:00 mile and by the end was down to a 9:40 mile. I even managed an 8:00 sprint for the last minute.

Today was more of the same. This time I started right off with a 9:40 mile. After 15 minutes took it down to a 9:30 mile and finished up with 90 seconds at an 8:00 sprint. Very little coughing, so it looks like my lungs are pretty well healed.

Tomorrow will probably be a rest day. I'm hoping to either cross-country ski or hike on Sunday when it warms up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Virtual Bicycling!

Today I used the upright bike at the gym, this time with biking shorts - MUCH more comfortable, even if they make you feel like you're wearing a diaper. I love having the courses and other bicyclists on the screen - really keeps me going! (Which I need considering that I am NOT a strong bicyclist by any stretch of the imagination.) I did about 25 minutes, which was more than enough - my legs were all wobbly after.

Weightlifting had to be nixed because of time constraints, unfortunately. WHY do I have to have a job instead of just exercising all the time? *LOL*

Tonight is Karate. I have no idea what we're going to do. I'm guessing bunkai/oyo or (maybe) sparring. Tomorrow will be back to the gym with more running.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Even Faster Today

Last night's Karate class was thankfully low-key: Kata review. (Which I needed more of anyway after being out for so long.) I was a bad brown belt and didn't volunteer to take a turn teaching the kyu belts, but a.) I was using up the last of my energy as it was and b.) Mr. G had already started them on self-defense drills, which are NOT my specialty in the least.

Today's gym workout went great. I started at a 10:20 pace and after 15 minutes bumped it up to 10:00. It still felt pretty easy so on Thursday I'm going to go for around a 9:30 and see how it feels. I only coughed a little bit at the end, so my lungs are definitely on the mend. Yay!

Tomorrow will be bike and maybe a LITTLE weightlifting, followed by Karate in the evening. We'll see how it goes.

On a technical note, sorry for the ugly "Page Not Found" error for my "Who's Reading Me" blog tool. Mine is not the only blog showing it, so they must be down. If it continues, I'll remove it. Hopefully I won't have to - I love seeing where y'all are coming from.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Slowly but Surely Improving

Friday night Dr. Z and I did a marathon kata review - hit all of the non-black belt katas. Dr. Z then went on to work bo, but by then I was tired and needed to sit down.

Saturday we went hiking with JewishMom. We got about 45 minutes in and I had to turn around, mainly because the 5-degree air was making me cough too much. It's frustrating, but I just have to keep telling myself I'm doing better than before.

Sunday I didn't do a damn thing except watch football. (THREE wildcard teams winning? The HELL?) I also watched "PreFontaine," which of course left me a blubbery mess at the end. I mean, the hearse going around the track to the pace of PreFontaine's PR while R. Lee Hermey intones, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Steve PreFontaine's bell lap" and the crowd cheers "Pre! Pre! Pre!"? Excuse me while I run up Kleenex's stock price.

Today I went to the gym - managed half an hour of an 11 minute pace and only a little coughing at the end. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to do a 10:30 pace.

Tonight is my first real Karate class in weeks, so that should be interesting.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Jogging Again

Hey All!

I went to the gym again today. This time I was able to actually jog 12 minute miles for half an hour. I did pay for it after with a huge coughing fit, but otherwise it felt great. I'm slowly but surely coming back. I'm just glad it's in the middle of the off-season so I have plenty of time to let my lungs heal.

Tomorrow will be a light, easy hike with Dr. Z and JewishMom. I'm a little nervous because it's supposed to be super-cold tomorrow morning (low of -10 overnight tonight), which is what really aggravates my lungs right now. I'm not going to be stubborn though - if my chest starts hurting, I'm turning around.

Anyway, tonight is Karate for the first time in weeks. I really need to review my kata because it's been so long.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back in Action! (Kinda)

Karate WAS cancelled last night, so I stayed home and rested. Today I felt even better, so I actually went to the gym! Yay! All I did was a half hour walk on the treadmill, but it was something. It felt pretty good so I may try a slow jog (11-12 minute mile) tomorrow.

Anyway, it feels great to be on the mend, even if it'll be a while before I'm back to 100%.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

On the Mend

Good Morning Folks!

After a week and a half of being sick, I think I'm finally starting to turn a corner. It'll be a while before I'm up to training again, but at least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I went back to Urgent Care on Monday, where I was diagnosed with bronchitis from all the hacking and coughing. Luckily I had clear and pneumonia-free chest films. (Of course, my otherwise quite decent insurance has a high deductible for diagnostic scans, so said films will cost me a fortune, but that's another story.)

By Monday night, I felt well enough to visit the dojo for a little while. It was fight night, but I only stayed through the sparring drills in the beginning before I started to tire out. (Yes, just from sitting on the bench.) Dr. Z, sick himself, had to be practically dragged away.

I'll go and watch class again tonight if it's held, but there might be a snow day called due to a nasty storm that's supposed to come through.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Quick Update

Just a quick update to let you all know that yes, I am STILL sick. That's eight days for those who are counting. I don't think I've EVER been sick anywhere near this long before. Argh. I went to Urgent Care on Friday and was diagnosed with a particularly nasty version of this year's flu and told to come back if it didn't clear up in a a few days. It's been a few days and I still feel like death warmed over, so I'll probably go back this afternoon.

In the meantime, I've missed out on two big hikes with JewishMom and lots of gym time. The Karate school was closed all week, so at least I haven't missed any classes YET. Tonight's will be the first. I was considering going and watching but I don't want to infect anyone.

Anyway, get out there and play in the snow for me!