Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation Good, Sick Bad

Hey All!

Once again, sorry for the long silence. I was running around like crazy (NOT literally, for once) getting ready for a holiday trip to Florida. It was wonderful, although I never did run as planned, just went for a couple long walks with my mother.

Anyway, it's been back to the gym this week. Yesterday I went 3.17 miles in half an hour (including warmup) on the treadmill, followed by leg curls (30 lbs), quad extensions (30 lbs) and calf raises (110 lbs), and 2 x 30 medicine ball rotations (or whatever you call that oblique exercise). There was no Karate class, so didn't get any martial arts training in, unfortunately.

Today I'm not feeling well (coming down with a nasty chest cold), so I kept it light at the gym. I tried out their upright bikes - I can actually reach the pedals on them! (I'm VERY short.) It has different trails with a screen that shows other bicylists and the scenery. It's like a video game that you have to exercise to play - VERY fun! I only did four miles - about twenty minutes. Like I said, keeping it light. In the weight room it was chest and tri day, so I did chest presses (25 lbs), military presses (12 lbs) and overhead tricep extensions (20 lbs) followed by 30 situps on the workout ball.

Well, I'm going to go crash and rest up. If I feel better tomorrow, it's treadmill and back and biceps. (Once again, no Karate because of the holiday.) If I can get on finding someone to sharpen my skates, I may speedskate as well.

Before I leave though - a shout out to http://www.adirondackalmanack.com for linking to me and sending a couple people my way. (To the new people: My blog tends to be FAR more interesting in the summer when I'm competing in running, martial arts and canoeing.)

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