Friday, December 19, 2008

Swimming and Skating

Helloooooooo people!

Yesterday I managed to run outside - it was wicked cold, but just barely warm enough. I had a time of 25:46, which was actually kinda fast for being in maintenance mode. It just had been so long since I pushed myself that I couldn't resist. I figure one semi-near tempo run a week or so won't kill me.

Today I got a free swim lesson at the gym. I worked on getting comfortable with keeping my face in the water while swimming, something I've always had trouble with. I'd love to take more lessons, but they're expensive - $95 an hour for private lessons.

In other exciting news, the Oval has been flooded and is looking ready to go. YAY! Now if only I can find someone to sharpen my skates. *LOL*

Tomorrow will be legwork and running at the gym. No karate tonight since Dr. Z is out of town.

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