Monday, December 15, 2008

First High Peak Bagged!

Wow, it was one of those weekends where I needed to go back to work to get some rest! LOL.

Friday night was Karate. BruceLee was there for a little while, but mostly it was just Dr. Z and I. We worked on brown belt kata and once BruceLee arrived, KusankuDai.

Saturday we went crosscountry skiing. It was the first time there was actually enough snow on the ground to do it properly. Despite the frigid single-digit temperatures, we managed to keep warm enough for two laps around the golf course. I'm starting to get the hang of it, but uphill is still giving me a problem. It just feels extremely unnatural to go uphill on skiis.

Sunday was a long hike with Dr.Z, JewishMom and Megatron. And by "long" I mean all eight hours of daylight we have this time of year. We went up Phelps under snowy, windy and icy conditions, but we made it! Dr. Z and I officially bagged our first high peak and are on our way to becoming 46ers.

Needless to say, no gym today, only Karate. Even *I* can only do so much! LOL

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