Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Still Sick!

I ended up with a fever yesterday afternoon - looks like going to the gym was NOT a great idea. Luckily it broke around four.

Needless to say, this will be one of my rare days off.

For those that are in town, go to LPSkater's New Year's Eve event at the speedskating oval tonight! You can read about it at her blog and the Lake Placid News website.

Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation Good, Sick Bad

Hey All!

Once again, sorry for the long silence. I was running around like crazy (NOT literally, for once) getting ready for a holiday trip to Florida. It was wonderful, although I never did run as planned, just went for a couple long walks with my mother.

Anyway, it's been back to the gym this week. Yesterday I went 3.17 miles in half an hour (including warmup) on the treadmill, followed by leg curls (30 lbs), quad extensions (30 lbs) and calf raises (110 lbs), and 2 x 30 medicine ball rotations (or whatever you call that oblique exercise). There was no Karate class, so didn't get any martial arts training in, unfortunately.

Today I'm not feeling well (coming down with a nasty chest cold), so I kept it light at the gym. I tried out their upright bikes - I can actually reach the pedals on them! (I'm VERY short.) It has different trails with a screen that shows other bicylists and the scenery. It's like a video game that you have to exercise to play - VERY fun! I only did four miles - about twenty minutes. Like I said, keeping it light. In the weight room it was chest and tri day, so I did chest presses (25 lbs), military presses (12 lbs) and overhead tricep extensions (20 lbs) followed by 30 situps on the workout ball.

Well, I'm going to go crash and rest up. If I feel better tomorrow, it's treadmill and back and biceps. (Once again, no Karate because of the holiday.) If I can get on finding someone to sharpen my skates, I may speedskate as well.

Before I leave though - a shout out to for linking to me and sending a couple people my way. (To the new people: My blog tends to be FAR more interesting in the summer when I'm competing in running, martial arts and canoeing.)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Swimming and Skating

Helloooooooo people!

Yesterday I managed to run outside - it was wicked cold, but just barely warm enough. I had a time of 25:46, which was actually kinda fast for being in maintenance mode. It just had been so long since I pushed myself that I couldn't resist. I figure one semi-near tempo run a week or so won't kill me.

Today I got a free swim lesson at the gym. I worked on getting comfortable with keeping my face in the water while swimming, something I've always had trouble with. I'd love to take more lessons, but they're expensive - $95 an hour for private lessons.

In other exciting news, the Oval has been flooded and is looking ready to go. YAY! Now if only I can find someone to sharpen my skates. *LOL*

Tomorrow will be legwork and running at the gym. No karate tonight since Dr. Z is out of town.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to the Gym

After taking yesterday off to recover, it was time to get back to work.

Ran on the treadmill today. I was able to bump it up to 6.7 very comfortably, which is good. I'm obviously starting to get my cardio back. I'll probably stay around there until February or so when it's time to work on speed for Freihofer's Run for Women. (It's months away from February but I want the luxury of increasing speed very slowly so as to prevent my chronic shin splints from acting up.)

I did my entire upper body weight workout since I missed yesterday. It was tough, but I managed. I've changed to two sets of fifteen for everything in preparation for the "light weights but many reps" type of strength I'll need for the 90-Miler.

Tomorrow will be bike, legs, and Karate!

Monday, December 15, 2008

First High Peak Bagged!

Wow, it was one of those weekends where I needed to go back to work to get some rest! LOL.

Friday night was Karate. BruceLee was there for a little while, but mostly it was just Dr. Z and I. We worked on brown belt kata and once BruceLee arrived, KusankuDai.

Saturday we went crosscountry skiing. It was the first time there was actually enough snow on the ground to do it properly. Despite the frigid single-digit temperatures, we managed to keep warm enough for two laps around the golf course. I'm starting to get the hang of it, but uphill is still giving me a problem. It just feels extremely unnatural to go uphill on skiis.

Sunday was a long hike with Dr.Z, JewishMom and Megatron. And by "long" I mean all eight hours of daylight we have this time of year. We went up Phelps under snowy, windy and icy conditions, but we made it! Dr. Z and I officially bagged our first high peak and are on our way to becoming 46ers.

Needless to say, no gym today, only Karate. Even *I* can only do so much! LOL

Friday, December 12, 2008

Double the Workout, Double the Fun

Managed to sneak away to the gym today. I started off on the bike, with covering 6.7 miles in 25 minutes at level 5. I had to do both upper body workouts today after missing several days this week, which was quite the challenge, especially since all I had had a chance to eat was a tangerine and it was noon.

Looking forward to Karate tonight. Tomorrow is cross-country skiing now that we FINALLY have enough snow. Yay! (I'm also hoping to make it to the gym to run and do legs.)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yay for Gyms! Boo for Work Meetings!

As feared, I didn't have a chance to go to the gym yesterday due to work. I did manage to drag myself away from the computer and go to Karate though. We actually sparred, which was a nice surprise. I had some tough competition after weeks of basically training lower ranks on how to spar - SoccerStar (brown belt), Sensei SixPack (4th degree), TattooedBruceLee (1st degree) and Dr. Z, who's a second degree. The only "easy" fight I had was with FakeDaughter's brother. We then did a lot of bunkai, of course, but at least I got to work with IronDaughter.

Finally got to the gym today. Ran 3 miles even in 30 minutes, so my cardio is coming back. (I'm not too worried about speed since I ran the first half mile of an "easy" run in 3:45 without trying last week.)

I was hoping to get to both legs AND chest/tris but only got to do legs before running out of time and having to get back for a meeting. Oh well - I'll just add 'em on to back and bis tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be all upper body and bike at the gym followed by Friday Night Karate with Dr. Z.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Am I Boring You Yet?

Heh. Sorry, once again not much for updates.

Saturday, Dr. Z bought me an early Christmas present - a three month membership to the gym to get me through winter. Yay! I was happy to go back.

Sunday I went hiking up Pitchoff with Dr. Z and JewishMom, but had to turn back early when my front foot slipped and my back foot caught in a root at the same time, tweaking my knee in a very bad way. Luckily, lots of ice and elevation the rest of the day healed things up nicely.

Monday I broke in my new gym membership. I jogged on the treadmill - knee felt fine - and then did chest and triceps for weightwork. Unfortunately by the time evening came around the lack of sleep the night before caught up with me and I didn't go to Karate.

Tuesday I went to the gym again and did the bike for 25 minutes on level two. I wanted to keep it light and had to keep it short because of meetings. I worked back and biceps downstairs.

Today probably won't see me at the gym since I need to use what little free time I have to go grocery shopping. However, I'm going to Karate if I have to drag myself kicking and screaming.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Between Seasons

Once again, I haven't updated in a while because nothing much is going on. I've been doing a three mile job either on Dr. Z's treadmill or outdoors (as the weather permits) about three times a week. Just enough to kind of keep my hand in it during the off-season.

Karate's been the usual. I've missed a few classes due to work being absolutely hectic.

In winter sports news, I just found out yesterday that the Speedskating Oval won't be opening until the 20th due to budget cuts by our esteemed governor. BOOOOOOOO!!! It should already be the season - it's cold enough, that's for sure. Between that and John Dimon closing up shop, it's just not a good year for speedskaters in Lake Placid.