Friday, October 03, 2008

Windy, Cold, and...hail? Yes.

Went for a light run today. I did four miles in 32:51 - an 8:13 pace. Maybe a little fast but after an easy two miles on Wednesday and yesterday off I desperately needed to work a LITTLE bit. It was a miserable run, weather-wise. It started off 49 degrees, overcast and windy. I wore my new white tights to keep my legs from freezing. The sun tried to come out a couple times but then it clouded back up and by the time I was doing my cooldown it started to freakin' HAIL. Good lord.

Of course, it's cleared up since...

Tonight is a little kata review, tomorrow a very slow 2-mile jog and then Sunday it's time to ZOOM in my last 5K of the season. (...sniff.)

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