Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday night Dr. Z and I did some preparation for the karate tournament coming up in two weeks. A little touch sparring - my reflexes are still a bit off after not sparring much the past few months, and some review of kata and weapons. I'm still feeling a little rusty in general but hopefully I can get prepared in time to do well.

Saturday we went hiking with JewishMom and her friends. Despite concerns about Dr. Z's knee, we ended up going way ahead of them. We felt bad, but we really weren't going that fast at all. They were just at a real snail's pace. Anyway, it was still a good hike up Noonmark and back. It's nice to be getting back into hiking and was good practice for my trail run this weekend.

Today is a light gym workout (tired legs) and Karate. Tomorrow, gym and not sure what else. Unfortunately canoe season is over. :-(

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