Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Long Run and Karate News

Wednesday night we actually sparred in Karate! I was pretty psyched. Although I don't usually spar the week of an upcoming race, it had been so long that I couldn't resist. Unfortunately I took two nasty hits to my left leg. Dr. Z got me right in the shin splint area (ouch!) and this teeny tiny little ten-year-old nailed me right in the nerve center on the side of my quadriceps. If I had been fighting anyone bigger or more advanced, I would have had to bow out of the fight because my leg was USELESS. I had to do some heavy icing when I got home. Two days later and it's STILL bothering me.

Yesterday afternoon I received a very suprising e-mail from Sensei, who said that I could get my black belt certificate signed by O'Sensei, to be given to me at Sensei's discretion. I didn't think I was that close to becoming a black belt! Very cool.

Last night I did my second eight-mile run since the half-marathon. I came in at 1:07:41, which is considerably better than the last one, which took 1:09:24. That's an 8:27 pace versus an 8:41 pace. Of course, that last eight-mile run I was still sore. I actually would have finished closer to an 8:20 pace but my leg was still bothering me from Karate.

Today is a short run with maybe some strides, depending on how my legs feel. I want to get SOME speedwork in before Sunday's race! I'll also have Karate tonight.

Tomorrow? My damn day off. LOL.

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