Monday, October 06, 2008

Last 5K of the Year

Yesterday was the Tracks for the Train 5K. It was my first race in the cold - I actually wore tights under my shorts! I made sure to warm up really well beforehand.

The actual race wasn't my best despite a flat course and ideal weather conditions. Although there weren't any mile markers, I believe I went out too fast and ended up paying for it the last mile. (I actually had to take two walking breaks.) Despite losing time on mile three and coming in at an embarrassing 24:18, I ended up second overall, first in age group, and seventh runner in, exactly like last week. If I had paced better, I would have placed first overall and fourth runner in. Oh well.

Anyway, it's kind of sad that there's only one race left before the season is over. Hopefully my tights for my costume will arrive in time!

Today is a two-mile recovery run and Karate.

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