Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Better

Last night was Karate. We did about 45 minutes of self-defense based on kata, then the black belts broke off to work on upper kata while I ran the qu belts through kicking drills. After that, we all got back together for 15 minutes of simple self-defense techniques.

I went to the gym this morning after de-icing the car. I was able to ride the bike for 29 minutes at Level 3, so I'm getting there. Of course, by the time I'm really good I'll be back to running...hahahaha. I also did legwork since I didn't want to tire my legs the day before the tournament. It went pretty darn well. There was some foreign sports team there training as well. I couldn't tell what language they were speaking or what sport they do, but it broke up the monotony.

Tomorrow is gym, then it's off to Herkimer for the tournament!

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