Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Better

Last night was Karate. We did about 45 minutes of self-defense based on kata, then the black belts broke off to work on upper kata while I ran the qu belts through kicking drills. After that, we all got back together for 15 minutes of simple self-defense techniques.

I went to the gym this morning after de-icing the car. I was able to ride the bike for 29 minutes at Level 3, so I'm getting there. Of course, by the time I'm really good I'll be back to running...hahahaha. I also did legwork since I didn't want to tire my legs the day before the tournament. It went pretty darn well. There was some foreign sports team there training as well. I couldn't tell what language they were speaking or what sport they do, but it broke up the monotony.

Tomorrow is gym, then it's off to Herkimer for the tournament!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still Slow

Not many updates lately, but there's also not much going on. Running is over and I'm doing the bike at the gym to let my lower legs heal, canoeing is over and we put the canoe away for winter storage a couple days ago, nothing new at Karate, and no speedskating yet. (Although we DID just have our first snow of the year - half a foot of the wet, heavy stuff fell last night.)

Dr. Z and I did do a quick hike up Mount Baker on Sunday. We would have done a longer hike but the weather was supposed to be really terrible in the afternoon so we didn't think we had a lot of time. Turned out to be gorgeous the entire day, but what the hell. You can never predict the weather in Lake Placid.

Don't worry, a couple more weeks and not only will I be running again (low-key, offseason stuff but running nonetheless), in a month the speedskating oval will be opening and I will once again be attempting to NOT fall on my ass.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Gym

I've been going to the gym all week. I'm still getting used to running on a treadmill, but it's getting better. My muscles are also still trying to get used to weightlifting, but I'm getting there. I increased my weights slightly today. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Yesterday was no gym (too busy at work), but there was Karate. Sensei spent most of the class talking and giving out promotions, but we did work basics a bit, which was great. We also did some more jiujitsu. I still haven't been promoted, but hopefully it will happen soon.

Tomorrow, more gym and Karate with Dr. Z.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday night Dr. Z and I did some preparation for the karate tournament coming up in two weeks. A little touch sparring - my reflexes are still a bit off after not sparring much the past few months, and some review of kata and weapons. I'm still feeling a little rusty in general but hopefully I can get prepared in time to do well.

Saturday we went hiking with JewishMom and her friends. Despite concerns about Dr. Z's knee, we ended up going way ahead of them. We felt bad, but we really weren't going that fast at all. They were just at a real snail's pace. Anyway, it was still a good hike up Noonmark and back. It's nice to be getting back into hiking and was good practice for my trail run this weekend.

Today is a light gym workout (tired legs) and Karate. Tomorrow, gym and not sure what else. Unfortunately canoe season is over. :-(

Friday, October 17, 2008


I won a monthly membership to the local gym last week, so have been taking advantage all week despite it still being perfectly good running weather outside.

It's gone pretty well, although there's been a bit of an adjustment with running on a treadmill again. I've also been doing some very light weights. Gotta love living in a small town though. In the three times I've been there, I've bumped into IronMom, Sensei SixPack, and one of the Karate parents.

Otherwise, it's been pretty quiet in the world of athletics, with it being between seasons and all.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad News/Good News

Hey all two of my confirmed readers! Heehee.

Bad news first. The reason there was no posting last week is because I was battling a nasty, nasty cold and didn't exercise at all.

Good news (there's a lot more of this, luckily): I was well enough to go down to Connecticut to train with O'Sensei. We spent Friday night doing self-defense against knife attacks. Not my strong suit, but it was still amazing being in a roomful of very high-level martial artists. (At a high brown belt I was one of the lowest-ranked people there.) O'Sensei didn't seem himself from what people had described of him, but I found out later that he was stressed and upset due to some stupid martial arts politics. (Yes, they do exist and are in Tae Kwon Do and probably every other art in existence as well.) Afterwards, I found out from Sensei that O'Sensei was supposed to present me with my black belt certificate but politics kept it from happening.

So, I now have two black belts, just not officially yet. Not sure when I will actually be officially promoted because Sensei tends to be absent-minded about such things.

Saturday was the big banquet for O'Sensei's 60th anniversary of teaching. It was really fun to see everyone dressed up. What was truly amusing is that you could tell that most of the people there would have been a lot more comfortable sitting around in their gi's.

More good news: Yesterday Dr. Z and I went on our first hike in months. We decided to do Catamount, which in the end wasn't a good idea for me. I'm bad at rock-scrambling as it is, but I still had vertigo from my cold, which made it even more challenging. After hours of having to balance by sight alone, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I did manage to not fall off the side of the mountain though and am even not that sore this morning.

There's no Karate today because of the holiday, but I plan on trying an easy run and hopefully some canoeing with Dr. Z after work.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Last 5K of the Year

Yesterday was the Tracks for the Train 5K. It was my first race in the cold - I actually wore tights under my shorts! I made sure to warm up really well beforehand.

The actual race wasn't my best despite a flat course and ideal weather conditions. Although there weren't any mile markers, I believe I went out too fast and ended up paying for it the last mile. (I actually had to take two walking breaks.) Despite losing time on mile three and coming in at an embarrassing 24:18, I ended up second overall, first in age group, and seventh runner in, exactly like last week. If I had paced better, I would have placed first overall and fourth runner in. Oh well.

Anyway, it's kind of sad that there's only one race left before the season is over. Hopefully my tights for my costume will arrive in time!

Today is a two-mile recovery run and Karate.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Windy, Cold, and...hail? Yes.

Went for a light run today. I did four miles in 32:51 - an 8:13 pace. Maybe a little fast but after an easy two miles on Wednesday and yesterday off I desperately needed to work a LITTLE bit. It was a miserable run, weather-wise. It started off 49 degrees, overcast and windy. I wore my new white tights to keep my legs from freezing. The sun tried to come out a couple times but then it clouded back up and by the time I was doing my cooldown it started to freakin' HAIL. Good lord.

Of course, it's cleared up since...

Tonight is a little kata review, tomorrow a very slow 2-mile jog and then Sunday it's time to ZOOM in my last 5K of the season. (...sniff.)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Long Run and Karate News

Wednesday night we actually sparred in Karate! I was pretty psyched. Although I don't usually spar the week of an upcoming race, it had been so long that I couldn't resist. Unfortunately I took two nasty hits to my left leg. Dr. Z got me right in the shin splint area (ouch!) and this teeny tiny little ten-year-old nailed me right in the nerve center on the side of my quadriceps. If I had been fighting anyone bigger or more advanced, I would have had to bow out of the fight because my leg was USELESS. I had to do some heavy icing when I got home. Two days later and it's STILL bothering me.

Yesterday afternoon I received a very suprising e-mail from Sensei, who said that I could get my black belt certificate signed by O'Sensei, to be given to me at Sensei's discretion. I didn't think I was that close to becoming a black belt! Very cool.

Last night I did my second eight-mile run since the half-marathon. I came in at 1:07:41, which is considerably better than the last one, which took 1:09:24. That's an 8:27 pace versus an 8:41 pace. Of course, that last eight-mile run I was still sore. I actually would have finished closer to an 8:20 pace but my leg was still bothering me from Karate.

Today is a short run with maybe some strides, depending on how my legs feel. I want to get SOME speedwork in before Sunday's race! I'll also have Karate tonight.

Tomorrow? My damn day off. LOL.