Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend Workouts

Friday was a light run just to stretch out the legs and went pretty well. Boy were my legs sore though! Friday night was supposed to be Karate but Dr. Z, who runs the Friday night class, wasn't feeling well so there was no class.

Saturday was a rest day, and I mean TRUE rest day. I spent the day up in Plattsburgh shopping and the only exercise I got was the Mall Shuffle.

Sunday was my long run - the last peak run before tapering for the half-marathon. I did eleven miles (the furthest I've ever ran) in 1:35:36, which translates to a blazing 8:42 pace. I am PSYCHED. As long as I pace well, I am in very good shape for finishing in not only under 2 hours, but maybe even in 1:54 or so. Yay!

Yesterday was a light three mile recovery run. It hurt, but it forced my legs to loosen up, which is good. Last night Dr. Z and I went for a canoe lap around Mirror Lake and blasted our previous PR by almost a MINUTE, coming in at 25:17.

Today I shaved 2 seconds off my previous time on my hilly 5K course, coming in at 23:28 despite still-tired legs. The long-distance running has REALLY helped my endurance at the shorter distances.

All in all, a great week for athletics - 2 PRs in running, a PR in paddling, and two stripes in Karate.

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