Monday, September 22, 2008

My Speed is Back!

Did eight miles on Saturday for my long run - Dr. Z definitely had the right idea with keeping it down from the usual ten - I was WIPED after! I didn't even go that fast - just an 8:40 pace.

Yesterday was my day off. In fact, it was cold and gray out so I alternated between watching television and cleaning my office. (Despite taking out two metric tons of crap, two hundred more metric tons of useless garbage remain. Damn clutter!) So, not very atheletic at all.

Today, however, rocked. I went for a tempo run and was feeling pretty good - no wind, dry air, and the temperature was in the high forties. I could feel I had gone out a little fast so I kept myself in check, but had enough for just a bit of a kick at the end. My time? A PR-busting, smashthrough 23:08. That's right - I finally broke 7:30, making a 7:27 pace. My previous best on that course was 23:28, so I was VERY happy. My one little thing I have to improve on is my pacing. It's come a long way, but I know I still ran positive splits. I could feel it.

Anyway, that made me decide to do the Stride for Pride on Sunday. It's a fast, flat course, it benefits disabled runners, and it's on my birthday. How can I NOT do it now that I know I'm recovered from the half-marathon? Of course, IronKid is going so my ass will be royally handed to me by a damn kid half my age. (Crazy kid is hoping to break 20:00. She needs help.)

Tonight, as always, is Karate.

Tomorrow will be six miles as a "long" run since I can't do my usual on Saturday, obviously. I'm also hoping to go for a paddle while I still can. Gotta keep those paddling muscles going as late into the season as I can for the 90-miler next year!

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