Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day Off

As usual, Wednesday is my day off so I'm taking it easy. I won't even be sparring tonight in Karate (if that's what we do) because of the upcoming race.

I did four miles at a very easy 8:45 pace yesterday, finishing in 34:58. On my way out, the IronFamily was getting out of their car. They waved to me and I doffed my cap (hee) at them.

I also went to the local sports shops looking for some red or blue running tights for the Halloween trail run I'm doing on 10/26. No luck yet, but I'm going to try again in Saranac Lake. (Their school teams wear red so they should at least have that color - they were out when I looked last weekend.)

Anyway, Karate tonight, keeping it low-key, and another four easy miles tomorrow. Hopefully my still-sore hamstrings will be better by Saturday!

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