Friday, August 22, 2008


...yeah, I'm REAL creative with the post titles today.

It's been a busy week with the summer activities all wrapping up. Tuesday was the last Sundowner of the year. Dr. Z and I hauled ass and came in at a time of 54:40, a new PR. It was a real nice way to retire the Cajun as we will most likely be purchasing a Jensen in the spring. (Yes, we've decided to move up to Stock class and yes, we've decided to purchase a year earlier than originally planned.)

Wednesday at Karate Sensei said that he wanted to "take another look at [my] katas." I know I'll have to remind him on Monday, but this might be that stripe I've been wanting.

Yesterday was the last Fun Run of the year. For some reason, Coach P. decided to just do the HillyMan route instead of the usual end-of-year 5 and 8K routes. I did the 2 mile modified as a tempo run since I have the Olga race tomorrow and came in at 17:50. (It was really 2.33 miles.) It was fun being the first runner in, although there was an eleven-or-so year-old kid who wasn't far behind me. He's already running sub-8 minute miles. Damn.

I did my usual pre-race 2-mile jog this morning in 17:10. My hamstrings are STILL a bit sore from Sunday (and yesterday) but hopefully with some rest and lots of Advil I'll be in top shape tomorrow.

Tonight is some kata review in Karate. I'm going to keep it light because of the race.

Race results (and perhaps pictures) to follow!

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