Thursday, August 07, 2008

Running Some More

This marks the 50th post in my blog about running, at least if you go by the tags. I've been staying just over a 7:30 pace for my tempo runs - hit 7:36 on Monday for the 5K (23:36) and 7:34 today for the 4-miler. I would have done even better, but I went out too fast (Hit mile 1 at 7:15) and by the time I hit mile 3 at 22:20 I had nothing left. My last mile was done at about an 8-mile pace, with several walk breaks. I ended up at 30:15. Not bad though!

In canoeing news (believe it or not, Dr. Z and I *are* still canoeing occasionally), we did a Sundowner on Tuesday. Mac brought the Jensen for us to borrow again. I think he knows he's going to end up selling it to us. Damn can that thing fly! There was a NASTY crosswind on the way back - the war canoe Mac was leading actually turned over! It happened right in front of us, so we stopped to see if they needed help, but Mac said to keep going. We didn't have a great finishing time, between the stop and fighting the wind, but no one broke any records. We were still the third boat in though! (And one of those was the other war canoe, which DIDN'T tip over.)

Not much new happening in Karate. No promotions, nothing special happening in class. I have to admit I'm getting a little fed up with it. I'm sticking it out through the end of the year but after that it might be time to look for another school or just give it up altogether.


Val said...

"War canoe"? The visual I'm getting is headhunters, but somehow I doubt that's correct!

Re: karate, that sucks. But if it's not fun and interesting, it might be time to think about shaking things up...

PipTook said...

Ack! An actual comment.

And...hee. It's a very large (ten-person) wooden canoe. They weigh a TON, but are wicked fast once they get started.

And...yeah. I'm considering it. Trying to figure out where the hell the school is heading before I give up completely though. (Plus, classes HAVE been better lately.)