Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Race Results


Sorry for the delay with the lowdown on the Olga 5K. I've been waiting for the full results (which I haven't seen) to be posted in the paper. Also, since Dr. Z was roaddogging and forgot his camera, there's no pics either.

Anyway, what I CAN tell you is that I came in second in my age group. Good ol' P (from speedskating) showed up randomly, claimed she "hated running," and gave me an ass-whuppin' with a time in the 21's. What the hell is WRONG with her? I posted my first sub-23 minute time with a finish of 22:56. Since it's only 4.93 miles, that comes out to a 23:15 true 5K, still a PR.

I would have had a much better time except that my de facto pacer, GoldenBraid, went out waaaaaay too fast, something I rely on her NOT to do since I have the same issue myself. We hit the one-mile mark at an insane 6:22. I was NOT happy because I knew I would pay for it later, and I did. I had to take TWO walk breaks during the final half-mile and of COURSE Dr. Z saw me and wasn't pleased.

Anyway, it's a good, fast, flat course and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year, hopefully with better pacing and better results. (Especially since a 22:56 5K doesn't impress in the crazy running town that is Saranac Lake.)

Tonight is Karate. Sensei asked to see my kata, so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully I'll have the results of that and Olga for y'all tomorrow.

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