Friday, July 18, 2008

Sorry So Long...

...since I've posted. It's not that it hasn't been busy, I just haven't been doing very well in the world of sports lately so I didn't feel much like posting.

Anyway, the Fun Run was last night. I had an okay pace (8:10) going - not great, but it was hot and I wasn't feeling well, when I had to make a pit stop around mile three. Amazingly enough, making a detour at the Athletic Center did NOT have me coming in last. In fact, about half a dozen people came in AFTER me. I still had a terrible time at 4.5 miles in 38:40 though. Ugh. I have GOT to get my GI problems under control for running.

Sensei looked at my kata on Wednesday and I screwed up Annaku. Dammit. Not the actual kata - my footwork was just shit. In any case, no new stripes for me. I'm still a Brown 2 even though I got my belt eight freakin' months ago. (Not to mention that brown belt is the hardest belt because you're expected to always volunteer, teach, run warmup, etc. Why couldn't I have been stuck at purple belt or something?)

On a positive note, I managed to nearly match my 5K PR on Sunday despite humid conditions. Having Dr. Z along roaddogging definitely helped. I also found out that my supposed 5K route is closer to 3.2 miles and my time at the 5K marker was 24:00. I may break 24 before the season ends yet. (My original goal was to break 25.)

No canoe news. We've missed the last few races so that I could go to footraces instead. (Not that there's a lot of canoe races midsummer for some strange reason.) This weekend is no exception - we're skipping Saturday's Saranac Flatwater Challenge so that I can do the Dippykill Froggy Five - a five mile trail race in Warrensburg. I'll miss part of the Ironman but should still catch most of it.

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