Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Not So Much Zoom

So...The 5K for Missing Children. Argh. The whole point was to see what I could do on the flat, fast Freihofer's course with more training and less people to elbow. Well, the people part worked out just fine. I didn't have any problems with people being in the way at all. Unfortunately there was another factor: the heat and humidity. Dr. Z warned me to drink Gatorade and wet my head beforehand, but I did not heed him enough. (We've since come to the agreement that I'll treat him like I should treat a coach and do what he says.)

Anyway, I hit the first mile marker at exactly 7:30. Perfect pace, exactly what I was going for. I had done two miles at 7:30 on Monday, so figured I could do it for 3.1 in a race. Shortly after though, I bonked completely. I made it to the water station around mile 1.5, where I DID wet my head, but had to walk shortly after. I spent the next 1.5 miles run-walking.

I thought that I at least broke 25:00, but no doing. My official time was 25:10. I came in 111 of 295, or at the top 37.3%. Way under my usual place, but still not bad considering my total bonkout. My female stats are even more impressive - 40 of 169 or the top 23%. In the end, not my best showing by far, but not a complete disaster. Still disappointing though.

Yesterday's tempo came in at 24:28, which I was perfectly happy with, time-wise. (Especially considering I had shinsplints and a stomachache so bad I almost went back to bed and the weather was windy and very humid.) What I was NOT happy with was my pacing - I stopped to walk THREE times. Sprint-walk-sprint-walk-sprint-walk-sprint is EXTREMELY inefficient, so hopefully I'll get this problem fixed soon.

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