Friday, June 20, 2008

TOO fast? Yes there is such a thing...

...unfortunately. Last night was the first Fun Run of the year. My goal was to keep to an 8:15 pace in order to save my legs for Saturday's trail run. Unfortunately I got pulled along by the crowd and did the first two miles in 14:30 - WAY too fast. My first mile was 7:20, which is RIDICULOUS. You should have SEEN the look Dr. Z gave me when he called out my split. Once I got out on my own after mile two I was able to back off into a proper 8:15 pace. I still averaged an out-of-control 7:55 pace, which is insane for a 4.28 mile run.

So I did the Flatlander course in 33:57. The one good thing is that as its name implies, it's a flat route with almost no hills, so hopefully I didn't burn out my legs. We'll see how they feel when I do my 2 mile taper jog today. (Which, thanks to the 50 degree and raining weather I REALLY don't feel like doing.)

So today is resting up for tomorrow. I'll jog the two miles then tonight do some light kata at Karate. After that? CARBO-LOADING! Yay for pasta!

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