Friday, June 13, 2008

New 5K PR!

Tuesday night's Sundowner ended up being cancelled due to a NASTY thunderstorm in the area that ended up closing down a lot of streets and causing a lot of damage, including to my house. Instead, we at burgers by candlelight at Mac's (the power had gone out) and watched the rain pour down. I actually bumped into P, whose boyfriend is one of the racers, which was nice. Turns out she disappeared from the speedskating oval once the snow got good on Whiteface. (Or as she put it, "I have a skiing problem.")

Wednesday turned out to be a TOTAL day off, as I fell asleep and missed class. It was probably for the best - it was sparring night and I totally wasn't up for it. Dr. Z came home beat up and happy though.

Now for the big news, I just broke my PR this morning. IronKid joined me for a run and did an excellent job of pulling me along just enough without tiring me out before the end of the run. (Which she could have done easily - her 5K race pace is 6:30.)

I took off a whopping 22 seconds for a time of 24:20. That's right - sub-24:30, baby. Also, fifteen more seconds off and I'm at a 7:45 pace. Awesome.


Val said...

I fail at exercise: it took me about a minute to realize that your "PR" wasn't an obscure ankle or foot bone, and that breaking it is not a bad thing. ;-)

- Val

PipTook said...

LOL! It stands for Personal Record. And congrats on leaving the first comment in probably over a year.