Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Trail Race

Saturday was the trail run. I managed to come in 12 out of 58, which put me in the 20th percentile. I also came in second in my age group. I would have beaten that other woman, who posted a 30-second better time, but had tired legs from the Fun Run. I also went out way too fast because they had said it was mostly downhill. (Which, yeah, technically they're right but the FIRST MILE was STRAIGHT UPHILL.) Next year I'll make that race my bitch with hill training, more rest beforehand, and better pacing from knowledge of the course.

Sunday's recovery run was an absolute bitch. I was SORE from the trail run, which was one mile uphill followed by 2.5 miles downhill on a less-than-stable trail. Loose rocks and such everywhere. All my stabilizer muscles were killing me.

Monday I did a two-mile tempo at 15:02. The first half mile was actually a 3:30 split, which was awesome, but I couldn't maintain because, hello, STILL WITH THE SORE MUSCLES. Monday night's karate class was fairly low-key, thank god. (Not that I would have sparred anyway with a race coming up.)

Tuesday's long run went fairly well, although I was still a little sore. I still managed nearly seven miles at an 8:30 pace. That night we had a Sundowner canoe race, where Dr. Z and I managed a personal best 57:56 time.

Yesterday was my day off and boy did I need it! I did go to Karate, but all we did was kata so I worked just enough to loosen my stiff muscles a bit.

Today's easy four-mile run went well. I did an 8:10 pace, which Dr. Z thought was a bit too fast. It's a hell of a lot better than last week, when I did the Fun Run at a way-too-fast 7:56 pace. Plus this was shorter AND I have twelve more hours to recover.

Tomorrow will be a very light two-mile jog and some practice for the upcoming martial arts tournament.

Saturday - My last 5K of the season!

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