Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Friday night was Karate. I got a lot of work done on kata and picked up my sai for the first time in months. I am SO behind in getting ready for the tournament in a few weeks.

Saturday was the 9-Miler in Tupper Lake. It was a hell of a canoe race - Dr. Z and I chased this other couple the entire way. We managed to sneak up on them but they pulled away to beat us by a slim twelve seconds. I'm evilly pleased that they will no longer be seeing us as not much of a threat. That's right, people. Watch your backs.

Sunday was a day off, but I did watch the Lake Placid Marathon. In fact, I made it up to the finish line just in time to see IronKid and IronDad finish. They were supposed to do a four-person relay, but the other two people backed out so IronKid ran eleven miles and IronDad ran fifteen. Those people need serious help. I also ended up going for a thirteen-mile bike ride, but tried to keep it in low gear with high-RPMs.

Monday was my tempo run. Despite being a little tired from the previous day's bike ride I managed a time of 24:34. Not as good as my new PR, but way under my previous one and under less-than-ideal conditions. Looks like that breakthrough is here to stay. There was also Karate, but Sensei was finally back and it was All Bunkai All the Time. Gah. No. More. Please. I HATE self-defense and I hate hate HATE self-defense based on kata.

Today I ran my long, slow run which was increased to seven miles. Seven fucking miles. I have literally never run that far in my life. I managed an 8:32 pace, finishing in 59:41, so I'm pretty damn psyched. Luckily I'm officially off the hook on adding more mileage until it's a bit easier for me. (The eventual goal is for my long run to be ten miles, upped from the original eight when I decided to do a half-marathon in September.)

Tonight is canoe practice around the lake. It's windy out so it's going to be tough, but oh well.

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