Thursday, May 01, 2008



I am so, SO happy. I had been banging my head against the wall at an 8:07-8:08 pace no matter whether I ran 3.1 miles or 4. Today the weather was perfect - cool and sunny - and I shattered my previous PR by 33 seconds, with a time of 24:42.

I also registered for The Mountaineer's 3.2 mile fun run today. I'm definitely not ready for the alternate 11 mile up a mountain and back down race that's the main event. It filled up in under two hours anyway.

In other news, we should be getting the Cajun back after she's been in the shop since Sunday getting repaired and upgraded. Hopefully we'll be able to test her out tonight and work out the kinks before Saturday's race.

In Karate, I FINALLY got a stripe on Monday. Took six damn months. AND we sparred. AND last night we WORKED BO FOR AN HOUR. And there's been NO self-defense.

So, happy happy happy in the world of sports.

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