Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not Much New

Still out of commission as far as running, hiking and karate go. Sensei is back and from what I saw (I went and watched), he's STILL stuck on bunkai even after his trip to Florida. Dr. Z kept saying he was doing a lot of kobudo training while he was there and that would be his new "phase," but only the black belts got to pick up a bo. And that was only the last fifteen or so minutes of class. I'm going to continue "auditing" through my injury, but if this is what we're going back to, I'm looking for a new school the minute I'm better.

Biking is going fairly well. I'm very comfortable on the bike and am just learning when to shift gears. It's not as cardio-intense as running...yet. I'm sure part of it is I have to build up my puny quads.

Canoeing is going okay. Dr. Z and I did the 'Round the Mountain route on Sunday. It did not go as well as planned. Neither of us were in as good shape as we thought. We did two laps around the lake instead of one last night, so that's a good start in building up our endurance. We were 40 seconds off our PR, unfortunately.

Today is my day off. (Unfortunately - it's absolutely GORGEOUS outside.) I'll watch Karate tonight and see if Sensei actually does something BESIDES bunkai.

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