Thursday, May 08, 2008

Injured. Again. Sigh.

Well, after last week's awesomeness, there has been nothing but heartache in the world of sports.

Saturday's race did not go as planned. We did beat out a good many rec canoes, but came in third (last) in our class. In addition our time was TWO MINUTES OVER last year's, and that's with a lot of upgrades to the boats. Dr. Z and I consoled ourselves with the fact that even the boys college team only had an 11-minute-mile pace. Must have been the conditions.

That was followed by an absolute breakdown of my leg during Monday's run. The weather was perfect and I was in the middle of a breakthrough, so I was on a a PR-busting pace when I noticed that my lower right leg was bothering me even more than usual. I could feel that calf muscle really tightening up, either from the pain or trying to compensate. I was trying to run through it when at mile 3.5 my calf muscle SPASMED and wouldn't unclench. I had to limp the rest of the way home.

Needless to say, I haven't been running or doing Karate since. I have an appointment at Sports Medicine today to see why I have that sore spot on my tibia that caused the muscle spasm to begin with. I'm really afraid it's a stress fracture. In addition, although I was amazingly lucky to get in a mere two days after calling (their usual wait time is 2 MONTHS) it's with a doctor that screwed up Dr. Z's treatment when he injured his back. I'm now afraid this guy isn't going to be any help. We'll see.

Then on Tuesday we had a terrible wind on our canoe route and posted a nearly season-worst time.

Talk about one of those weeks that makes you just want to become a couch potato.

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