Thursday, April 24, 2008

Slightly Out of Commission

Good New:

Little River Ramble was on Sunday. Dr. Z and I not only placed second, beating out a college team with a lighter canoe, but took nearly three minutes of last year's time. We came in at 19:14, whereas last year's time was 22:23. Nice!

Twisted my ankle during Monday's four mile run, but still beat Friday's time by a lot, coming in at 32:30. That night we had sparring, where I kept ahead of one of the twins and IronDad and got my ass handed to me by Dr. Z and Sensei SixPack, putting me about where I should be as a brown belt.

Tuesday's 5K wasn't at a much faster pace, unfortunately, with a time of 25:15. I was disappointed, but a lot of it was having trouble breathing. I think that although I don't have allergies, the extremely high pollen count is giving my airways mechanical irration. On a positive note, Dr. Z and I did our first canoe training on Mirror Lake for the year. I also saw that The Mountaineer is putting on a race that includes a 3.2 mile event. YAY! Registration isn't until May, but I can't wait.

Yesterday my ankle REALLY started hurting and I put the pieces together with Monday's run. I took the day off completely, even skipping Karate. I want to be 100% for Freihofers. On a positive note, I mailed in my registration for Freihofer's. VeggieSis can't compete with me, unfortunately, but she said she'd come to cheer me on. YAY!

Today is supposed to be running, but I'm taking an extra day off to let things heal. Dr. Z and I might canoe instead. I'm itching for exercise of SOME sort!

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