Thursday, April 17, 2008

Running? Yay! Karate? Boo!

Ended up not running on Tuesday - Dr. Z never had a chance to get back to me about whether he was going to roaddog or not and when he got here he was way too tired. (It ended up being too cold anyway.) I did get a good amount of walking in though, which felt good on the sore legs.

However, the extra day off must have done my legs some good, because yesterday I blew away my season PR for the 5K by almost a full MINUTE. Last week? 26:40. Wednesday? 25:41. Oh yes my friends - only 25 seconds or so off my PR of ANYTIME.

I did play hooky from Karate last night though. My job has been uberstressful and the last thing I needed was the address stress from my issues with the school and the general stress of being a brown belt. I got some desperately needed "me time."

I used part of the evening to fill out forms for two footraces - Freihofer's Run for Women and the Adirondack Marathon. (I'd be doing the HALF marathon, thank you.) Unfortunately Dr. Z pointed out that the date of the half-marathon would conflict with his annual trip to Colorado. That took the wind out of my sails a bit, but he promised to help me find another one. I haven't sent out the Freihofer's one yet because I'm still waiting to hear from VeggieSis if she's still up for doing together under the "sisters" category. Bitch isn't answering her e-mail so I'll have to call her ass tonight.

After my run with Dr. Z roaddogging, of course.

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