Thursday, April 10, 2008

Outdoor Running...Finally.

Well, this week I've finally been able to get some outdoor training in. It's about damn time.

On Sunday, JewishMom, Dr. Z and I snowshoed up Whiteface Highway. The views were spectacular and as for the weather, I actually got a sunburned face.

My calves were burning on Monday from Sunday's workout, so I took the day off and only went to Karate. It was a low-key class working forms, which is exactly what I needed. Plus, Sensei Six-Pack worked with me on Kusanku-Sho. Finally.

Tuesday, Dr. Z Road-dogged as I ran my first outdoor 5K in a very long time. I finished it in 26:40, which made me very happy. I'm literally minutes ahead of where I was last year.

Wednesday was Karate again. (Once again, I was too sore from the workout of the day before to do anything else.) We had SPARRING! Followed by BO. AWESOME.

And today I ran my 3.6 route for the first time since last summer. (Seriously, my logbook starts in early September and I have no 3.6 times in it.) Time? 30:04. Kills me that I didn't shave those four seconds off to be under thirty. That would have absolutely rocked for my first try. I'm still very happy with that result though.

Tomorrow will be my 5K route (in what looks to be a 40 degree rain...sigh)and maybe a private Karate class with Dr. Z, which we haven't done in months.

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