Friday, April 18, 2008

New 4 Mile Route!

I've been wanting a slightly longer tempo route ever since I broke 30:00 on my 3.6 mile one. Last night, that wish came true.

Dr. Z brought his bike and used its computer to figure out a 4 mile route for me. This one goes down Sentinel Road/Rt 73 instead of up Main Street to the lake, but I really like it. For one thing, it's something different. Literally all of my other routes go the other way. Secondly, it's mostly FLAT. As opposed to running up to the lake. I saw "mostly" because at the halfway point there's a bitch of a long hill. Basically I run down it, then turn around and run UP it.

Anyway, I did it in 32:43 which I'm pretty happy about considering that 1.) I'd never done the route before and 2.) I've never run four miles without stopping before. I think have Dr. Z behind me helped to push me along and resist the temptation to take a walking break.

Tonight is still up in the air - hopefully running while Dr. Z roaddogs.

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