Thursday, April 24, 2008

Slightly Out of Commission

Good New:

Little River Ramble was on Sunday. Dr. Z and I not only placed second, beating out a college team with a lighter canoe, but took nearly three minutes of last year's time. We came in at 19:14, whereas last year's time was 22:23. Nice!

Twisted my ankle during Monday's four mile run, but still beat Friday's time by a lot, coming in at 32:30. That night we had sparring, where I kept ahead of one of the twins and IronDad and got my ass handed to me by Dr. Z and Sensei SixPack, putting me about where I should be as a brown belt.

Tuesday's 5K wasn't at a much faster pace, unfortunately, with a time of 25:15. I was disappointed, but a lot of it was having trouble breathing. I think that although I don't have allergies, the extremely high pollen count is giving my airways mechanical irration. On a positive note, Dr. Z and I did our first canoe training on Mirror Lake for the year. I also saw that The Mountaineer is putting on a race that includes a 3.2 mile event. YAY! Registration isn't until May, but I can't wait.

Yesterday my ankle REALLY started hurting and I put the pieces together with Monday's run. I took the day off completely, even skipping Karate. I want to be 100% for Freihofers. On a positive note, I mailed in my registration for Freihofer's. VeggieSis can't compete with me, unfortunately, but she said she'd come to cheer me on. YAY!

Today is supposed to be running, but I'm taking an extra day off to let things heal. Dr. Z and I might canoe instead. I'm itching for exercise of SOME sort!

Friday, April 18, 2008

New 4 Mile Route!

I've been wanting a slightly longer tempo route ever since I broke 30:00 on my 3.6 mile one. Last night, that wish came true.

Dr. Z brought his bike and used its computer to figure out a 4 mile route for me. This one goes down Sentinel Road/Rt 73 instead of up Main Street to the lake, but I really like it. For one thing, it's something different. Literally all of my other routes go the other way. Secondly, it's mostly FLAT. As opposed to running up to the lake. I saw "mostly" because at the halfway point there's a bitch of a long hill. Basically I run down it, then turn around and run UP it.

Anyway, I did it in 32:43 which I'm pretty happy about considering that 1.) I'd never done the route before and 2.) I've never run four miles without stopping before. I think have Dr. Z behind me helped to push me along and resist the temptation to take a walking break.

Tonight is still up in the air - hopefully running while Dr. Z roaddogs.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Running? Yay! Karate? Boo!

Ended up not running on Tuesday - Dr. Z never had a chance to get back to me about whether he was going to roaddog or not and when he got here he was way too tired. (It ended up being too cold anyway.) I did get a good amount of walking in though, which felt good on the sore legs.

However, the extra day off must have done my legs some good, because yesterday I blew away my season PR for the 5K by almost a full MINUTE. Last week? 26:40. Wednesday? 25:41. Oh yes my friends - only 25 seconds or so off my PR of ANYTIME.

I did play hooky from Karate last night though. My job has been uberstressful and the last thing I needed was the address stress from my issues with the school and the general stress of being a brown belt. I got some desperately needed "me time."

I used part of the evening to fill out forms for two footraces - Freihofer's Run for Women and the Adirondack Marathon. (I'd be doing the HALF marathon, thank you.) Unfortunately Dr. Z pointed out that the date of the half-marathon would conflict with his annual trip to Colorado. That took the wind out of my sails a bit, but he promised to help me find another one. I haven't sent out the Freihofer's one yet because I'm still waiting to hear from VeggieSis if she's still up for doing together under the "sisters" category. Bitch isn't answering her e-mail so I'll have to call her ass tonight.

After my run with Dr. Z roaddogging, of course.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Running Outside...Finally

Saturday was my last day of treadmill work. (At least, that's what I *think*.) I ran 3 miles at 7.2 mph and then did an extra .75 miles at 7.3.

Sunday ended up being a rest day after an abortive attempt at Owl's Head. Believe it or not, this little bump of a hill would have required crampons. The path was sheer ice!

Yesterday I ran my 3.6 mile route in under 30 for the first time. Go me! 29:35, for the record. Also had Karate, but not much happened there. I was tired and cranky and ended up having to teach the entire time. Blech.

Today - more running! With Dr. Z roaddogging! Yay!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Outdoor Running...Finally.

Well, this week I've finally been able to get some outdoor training in. It's about damn time.

On Sunday, JewishMom, Dr. Z and I snowshoed up Whiteface Highway. The views were spectacular and as for the weather, I actually got a sunburned face.

My calves were burning on Monday from Sunday's workout, so I took the day off and only went to Karate. It was a low-key class working forms, which is exactly what I needed. Plus, Sensei Six-Pack worked with me on Kusanku-Sho. Finally.

Tuesday, Dr. Z Road-dogged as I ran my first outdoor 5K in a very long time. I finished it in 26:40, which made me very happy. I'm literally minutes ahead of where I was last year.

Wednesday was Karate again. (Once again, I was too sore from the workout of the day before to do anything else.) We had SPARRING! Followed by BO. AWESOME.

And today I ran my 3.6 route for the first time since last summer. (Seriously, my logbook starts in early September and I have no 3.6 times in it.) Time? 30:04. Kills me that I didn't shave those four seconds off to be under thirty. That would have absolutely rocked for my first try. I'm still very happy with that result though.

Tomorrow will be my 5K route (in what looks to be a 40 degree rain...sigh)and maybe a private Karate class with Dr. Z, which we haven't done in months.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


It's supposed to be near fifty and sunny today, but I can't decide whether to run outside or not. It usually wouldn't even be a question, but I enjoy having Dr. Z riding his bike next to me while I use his treadmill. (Unfortunately it's still too cold for bicycling outside.)

Skipped Karate last night - realized I had an important assigment I had to get in at work right before class. None of the Senseis were there anyway, so it shouldn't ding my brown belt reputation too much.