Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yet Another Week Passes

Not sure what's up with these Tuesday posts all week, but all I can say is that my personal life has been too topsy-turvy crazy to update regularly.

Anyway, I've been really focusing on running lately. Unfortunately mid-March in the Adirondacks means that I'm still doing almost all of it on treadmills. The weather has cooperated enough for me to do outdoors runs the past few Fridays, but that's it. My outdoor 5K is 29:11 as of last Friday, which is miles (or minutes, as the case were) ahead of where I was last week. It's almost four minutes off my PR, so of course I'm still not happy with it. Perfectionist much?

My treadmill work has been slowly but steadily increasing. Since last Tuesday I've gone from a M1 - 6.3 M2 - 6.4 M3 - 6.5 M4 - 7 M 4.25 7.5 workout to a M1 6.5 M2 - 6.6 M3 - 6.7 M4 - 7 M 4.25 - 7.5 workout. Tonight will be another treadmill workout. I'm planning on doing the first two miles at 6.6 MPH with the rest the same and seeing how I feel.

Not much new has happened in Karate, although I did find out that my second brown belt test will be tomorrow. I've been working my upper katas and am feeling pretty good about them. Last Wednesday we actually had sparring, which rocked. (It was because Sensei was gone. Not so much into the sparring, Sensei is.)

That's all for now. Tomorrow: the test!

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